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About Us

Altamar Asociados is a limited liability company, legally incorporated in 2016, but its existence dates from when their members started their professional work. Back in 2013, two law students from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso meet with the aim of starting early in the private professional field, hoping that over the years and when it was time to qualify, they could count on a stable, already, formed company.        


The following year, the first lawyer joined the firm and also a law graduate, both from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, managing to cover more legal fields. At the end of that year, the legal office already had two lawyers and two graduates of Law, managing to increase the number of clients on a constant basis.


Today the foundational base is practically intact, keeping the organization´s vision and objectives, transferring it to its new members -who join in what was once a project between students and now, with consistence and hard work, has become into a proper law firm.

In these days, the staff has external professionals, who are not only legal professionals but engineers, accountants and administrators, which makes the legal advice, delivered by Altamar Asociados, be interdisciplinary and complete.

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Altamar Abogados Asociados

Legal Firm

Plaza Vergara 172, El Escorial

Office 108


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