INTEGRAL LEGAL ADVICE - SMEs and large companies

     We can advise you and set up your new company under the aspects that best suits your business and capital, review and draft the commercial contracts related to it and advise you so that you can grow with the same fluidity of the market.

     We advise you permanently through monthly and annual plans, with services adjusted to the requirements of your business.

- Corporate Law

- Commercial Law

- Tax Law

- Labor Law

- Projects and tenders



     We have sufficient experience in protecting the rights of public officials, both personally and at the trade union level; especially with respect to those officials belonging to the various health services in the country.

     We have agreements with the Valparaíso Regional Council of the Colegio de Cirujano Dentists of Chile A.G. and with the Destination and Formation Stage Chapter.

- Constitutional right

- Administrative law

- Administrative Statute

- Special laws

- Specialized protection for health professionals

     For both the development of a business and the purchase of a home, it is necessary to act informed and cautious. Altamar Asociados offers services of study of titles, writing of contracts and advice in general.
     From the professional point of view, we have the main support of Engineering and technology Dagomo SpA, among others.

- Real estate law

- Urban Planning Law

- Purchase and sale, mortgages and leases.

- Study titles

- Inheritance

    WATER RESOURCES LAW - Constitution and regularization


      Water is a national good of public use that does not abound in our territory, its use is strictly linked to the Rights of use. In this specific area of ​​knowledge, we have the necessary specialists to advise you and carry out the procedures you require.

            LABOR LAW - Workers and employers


     Labor Law is that branch of law that aims to study, understand and systematize legal relationships that arise and are born from the provision of services, conclusion of employment contracts, formation of unions, dismissals and the endless consequences which may be between two or more people working together.

COPYRIGHT - Writers and publishers

- Publishing contracts

- Protection of rights

- Legal Causes

- Specialized consultancy

COMPUTER LAW - Companies and independents

- License agreements  

- Electronic contracts

- Specialized IT contracts

- Legal advice and specialized informatics

Altamar Asociados

Know some of our service areas, for others, see:

- Tort liability

- Contractual responsability

- Intellectual property

- Labour conflicts

- Judicial debt collection

     Analysis of judicial and extrajudicial conflicts through the evaluation of "Key Risk Indicators (KRI)" and a subsequent report preparation, which will allow you to make decisions of judicial nature in knowledge of the Legal, Economic, and Media consequences. 
     This service, which allows you to know the effects of a conflict in advance, is unprecedented in our country, but usually applied by large companies abroad. 
     Altamar Asociados provides this service with the support of Mr. Mario Cancino Araya’s work, Bachelor of Physics, Industrial Engineer, Master and University professor, who is an expert in Risk Analysis and Simulation.